Our Approach

our approach in training students

Teach Me

Traditional learning methods of building a function for the course which involve development of course  specific knowledge, concept oriented learning & technical skills

Show Me

Learning through practical demonstration in work environment where trainees will observe tasks and procedures being completed, making notes along the way and understand 

Let me Practice


Learning skills by applying in real time helps an individual grow with respect to knowledge on the course. As practice makes a man perfect,  At Innogeecks™, We Learn Everything and Anything through Practice. We provide hands on learning and working on the practical elements.

Assess me


Assessment is a continuous process, when done on daily basis can increase our knowledge on that course and assess at which level we are in that course.


Let me show what I can do


In this phase, we should be in a position to implement independently on a live running environment.

Numeracy Skills

Ability to use mathematical and logical skills to solve the problem logic.


Critical thinking/problem solving skills


They are able enough to read and understand the problem and know how to solve in various other ways.


Technical Domain skills


Technical and core knowledge with practical skills are required to become expertise.


Entrepreneurial Skills


Encouraging students to gain hands on experience and through live production and incubating them to do small projects.