Online Training


Why Innogeecks™

Online Training at Innogeecks™ is designed for students who have zeal enough to participate in our training sessions even though time and distance are their major factors for them to attend physically in class room training and also for career-minded adults with busy lives.

What we cover

We at Innogeecks™, in addition to presenting course material and content, give students the opportunity for live interactions between instructor and students are conducted via online medium, through chat, e-mail etc. Beyond this we also provide hands-on practice programming sessions as well as live case-projects.

Our Approach

Online training is generally self-paced and customizable to suit an individual's specific learning needs. Therefore,online training by Innogeecks is conducted at almost any time and place, provided there is a computer with high-speed internet access.This makes this form of training convenient for the users, who can modify their training to fit into their day-to-day schedule.

Courses we offer