Data Analysis with Python

Why Choose Python?

Data Analysis with Python

  • Importing Datasets: In this module we will see the nuts and bolts of python and understand the domain of the dataset and using python packages we’ll import and export the data.
  • Data Wrangling: Wrangling- Cleaning up the data . Here, we’ll identify and handle the various missing values using Normalization sets.
  • Analyze the Data: In this module we’ll learn Using python libraries summarizing the data frame by applying different techniques like Anova, Correlation etc. in order to analyze the data 
  • Development of model: In this module we’ll learn how to visualize the data using Model Evaluation like Regression-Simple,Multiple and Linear etc.,

Hands on Assignments

 This will enable to apply the fundamentals of parsing text data and programs on

  • Functions and Modules  
  • Array Creation, Indexing
  • Shape Manipulation
  • Data preprocessing

It helps to apply and use different techniques to analyze the data

  • Cleaning the data( to identify the unnecessary data from the dataset)
  • Using data frames for different tasks.
  • Analyzing the data using different techniques for working with data.

The assignments enables a learner to work on trading data and looking at what the data tells using several techniques from matplotlib

  • Line Graphs to show stock price
  • Comparison of prices
  • Bar Graphs
  • Pie charts 

This enables the learner to analyze the data like

  • View the data
  • Changing the ncessary manipulations.
  • Adding or deleting neede columns
  • Representing the data

This helps the learner to deploy the mini project in cloud by using different cloud services like

  • EC2
  • Elastic Beanstalk
  • RDS etc.,